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Initial Project Design and Consultation
Most organizations using geospatial data today are geared towards using and analyzing the data. Understanding how the original image resolution, or LiDAR point density or how the quality of a digital terrain model (commonly miss-referred to as DEM) can affect the quality of end product is not part of their daily work tasks. These and many more factors are critical in the quality of the final product.

With over 25 years in the geospatial sector - the last 13 setting up and managing projects - IGI can help.

IGI offers complete geospatial project design, consultation, management, processing as well as quality checking and quality assurance.

By listening and understanding their client's needs, IGI is able to design and provide a worry -free solution. IGI can help prevent many mistakes from happening, saving time, money and headaches by ensuring the end product will meet the clients expectations.

Trust, Honesty and Integrity
Sometimes advice or answers is all that's required. Sometimes it's not the answer they want to hear. However to IGI, Trust- Honesty and Integrity are an integral part of any relationship - both personal and professional. Over the years, clients of IGI's Principal have learned they can rely on Mr. Grady for the 'straight goods'.

Call IGI at 604-805-4384, email-igiconsulting@telus.net or to contact Ian Grady directly: ian@igiconsulting.com and see how we can help.
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