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Project Management

Having the right people do the right jobs is critical to the successful completion of any project.

IGI's Principal has been managing projects of several hectares to over several million hectares in size for over 13 years - coordinating all aspects of the project from initial planning and implementation through execution and monitoring/quality control to final customer hand over.

Constant communication with the client is vital. Two main benefits - our clients always know at what stage their project is at (relieves worry and stress), and we are able to make changes to the work flow when additional requirements or changes are desired by the client. We can immediately sit down and discuss if it's possible, the implications and what the best course of action would be.

In addition to managing and coordinating projects and their work tasks, over those 13 years Mr. Grady has been very successful at coordinating the requirements of various individuals and organizations into a project in which each participant realizes costs benefits - sometimes saving as much as 80 cents on the dollar.

Having IGI oversee and manage your geospatial projects on your behalf enables your staff and organization to concentrate on what they do best on the areas they do best.

Call IGI at 604-805-4384 to see how we can help increase the efficiency and productivity of your geospatial programs.

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