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we prepare a complete range of data set required for ‘Micro-cellular Network Planning’.
The various products are-

3D Building- Building outline with Maximum Height and also Ground Height
3D Vegetation- Vegetation Boundary. Vegetation categorized based on Height as High, Medium and Low.
Clutter- Land-use/Land-cover map. (For this particular client, we provide about 10 classes, but for other clients we may go up to 30 classes)
DHM- Digital Height Model, representing Building Height above MSL
DTM- Digital Terrain Model
DCM- Digital City Model, include, Digital Terrain Height (DTM) and Digital Height Model (DHM) represented as ASCII Grid
Linear Network- Road, Railway, Coastline, River.
Ortho- Ortho-rectified satellite image.

We can produce clutter data at 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m or any custom resolution.

  • Line of sight
  • Remote tower access and terrain mapping
  • Inventory management
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Hazard trees identification
  • Large scale topographic and thematic digital maps
  • Cell network planning
  • Public consultation maps
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